I am a designer who connects the present and the future.

I completed an undergraduate curriculum focusing on UX / UI and product design based on research. After graduating from Korea University, I worked at Korea Institute of Science and Technology and conducted industrial design work related to robots and bionics.



Research Scientist

May,2017 – Aug,2019
@ Korea Institute of science and Technology

Development of Side-Bot Implementation Technology for Cas-X

– Digital Rendering of Prototype Concept Robot prior to the development of cooperative robot technology for the senior class.
– Developed Robot UX Scenarios and Concepts in Smart Home Environment

 Development of the Analogically-Based Motion Intentions and Touch-Touch Display Technology for Senses and Exercise

– UX design and product design for patients with Partial hand amputation.
– Produced product prototypes and tested robot by user verification for thumb/index finger amputation patients.
– Design and application of UX scenarios throughout user-centered adoption and use of the robot.

Research Student

@ Korea University Information and Industrial Design, Division of Art & Design

비데 조작부 UX 사용성 검증 및 UI 개선 제안
Verification of UX usability and Suggestion for UI Improvement of Bidet controller

Korea University X Coway (2016.12.22- 2017.01.31)

Mobile AR 사용자분석 및 경험 발굴
Mobile AR user analysis and experience discovery

Korea University X Samsung (2016.03.21- 2016.06.24) 

Touch 기반 DR 인터랙션 요소 연구 및 검증
Research and validate touch-based Digital Radiography interaction elements

Korea University X Samsung Electronics (2016.03.21- 2016.06.24)

스마트 양자 통신 연구 센터
Smart Quantum communication research (ITRC)

Korea University X 정보통신기술진흥센터 (2015.06.01- 2016.12.31)

Accessibility CheckList UX 요소 검증
Accessibility Checklist UX Element Verification

Korea University X Samsung Electronics (2015.04.27- 2015.08.11

Start up

@ Swallowtale
 (Dec. 2016- May 2017)

– Designed web/apps for Fashion start up company, Swallowtale
– Developed Commercial UI design theme by each seasonal concept.


@ Moha Environmental Art & Design Studio
 (May. 2013- Dec. 2014)

– Digital prototyping for Media Arts using Photoshop, Illustrator


IDEA 2019 Finalist

Spark Award 2018 Platinum

Kros Redshow 2019