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Interpretation of Le Creuset’s Design Language. : Extract Color, Extract Espresso The tempered glass is covering the machine’s body. It will make users feel they extract color when extracting espresso. The gradation used in Le Creuset product was adopted in this machine. Customers of Le […]

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Underactuated Robotic Finger Prosthesis for Partial Hand Amputation (2018) Lab for MARCH, Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics ,Korea Institute of Science and Technology Gu-Cheol jung, Yeo-eun Kim, Woo-sung choi, Sang-Rok Oh, Hyun-ju lee and Kee-hoon Kim, Each year in Korea, hospitals treat around 120,000 people who accidentally cut off […]


KIM YEO EUN 金女恩 I am a designer who connects the present and the future. I completed an undergraduate curriculum focusing on UX / UI and product design based on research. After graduating from Korea University, I worked at Korea Institute of Science and Technology […]