I hate Usability 1


I hate usability project #1 (2017)
All designers should consider users and usability.
But what happens if a designer ignores users?
Assuming the designer is just thinking about the idea and the aesthetic sense,
I’m back to basics. It was the cup and the Kettle.
Kettle and cups are one of the basic design items and are easy to reflect.
The set consists of two parts : the handle and the container, which rotate through the bottom of the x axis.
If a user pours liquid into a cup with this kettle, they will feel uncomfortable.
You’ll get too much liquid inside the kettle when it gets on the table.
This experience can be uncomfortable and cumbersome.
However, I think this experience is very rare these days.
Users will also think more about designers when they feel uncomfortable than when they are comfortable.
Despite countless attempts to be comfortable, I have designed that discomfort.



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